The Knights of Dor

The Knights of Dor was originally released as seven albums from 1992 to 2000.

The seven stories were later divided into two books.

Hazel Whiterose is the hero. He has the city’s finest collection of playing cards, and an old Jack of Hearts is the gem of the collection.

Little does he know it’s magical, and comes from the evil wizard Saranac’s deck of cards.

Hazel and the card are kidnapped by the power-hungry Count Colin.

Then Hazel meets the Knights of Dor, who are fighting to prevent a new wizard to come forward and conquer all the Dor-lands.

You can read the first story, completed, if you click on the Jack of Hearts imageĀ  underneath.

The first four stories collected.

The last three stories collected.

1: Jack of Hearts

2: The Ring of Wishes

3: The Magic Horn

4: The Letter of the Law

5: Emperor Overall

6: The Black Cauldrons

7: The Steps of Time

Map over the lands of Dor