The Felina Tales

Stories to read here

Felina buys an old house and get into trouble with weird ghosts, a soothsayer and an inventor-professor in occulty!

Felina travels to Egypt, and meet disappeared acquaintances there!

Felina travels on to Greece, in search of kidnappers and aliens!

Young Felina leaves her home to find a life in the big world! She needs a job, a place to live and food to eat!

Felina: A Fairy-tale Holiday has begun as video clips! With sound! Felina is walking a mountain path when she meets a strange, ragged tourist on a mule! Link on the image and in the menu.

Felina begins a new adventure! She wants to find a place to write a crime story!

Nightilda misses Earth, and travels there to see old places again. But the aliens are on her trail, hoping that she will lead them to Felina! This is the first tale in the Doomsday trilogy!

The Wheel of Fortune is the second part of the Doomsday trilogy.

Things are not looking good for Felina. She and Nightilda are abducted by aliens, and threatened with eternal damnation! 

Felina the Cat

Felina has been with me since 1992, when the idea for her was conceived. The story of Felina: The Secret Avenger went to Norsk Barneblad in 1993, and the main character was then a tomcat named Mons. But in the next round, the cat changed gender and became Felina, the aunt of kittens Kit and Kat.

The stories about Felina appeared almost by themselves. Because the setting is so close to our real world, many references and themes can be used to build stories. Folk tales, Snorre’s royal sagas, reality television, pirate life and detective mysteries.

If you click on the banners here on top of this page, You can read the stories!  The Job Searcher will be updated each Friday. The Wheel of Fortune erratically, as I have to draw it first … ^_^

The work behind the drawings

The stories are drawn with the use of dip pens. Clean-drawn pages are scanned and colorized, most of the stories are made in the computer program illustrator, in the last ones I switched to using photoshop. The Felina books consist of stories of different lengths, from small stripes to long thrillers.

If you click on the banners here on top of this page, You can read the stories.


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