Hello there.

My artist name is Inkalill. I am a comic creator. I also have a homepage in Norwegian: inkalill.no , and a place about fine art: inkalill.art .

The comics

The Felina story, The Job Searcher, is about job hunting and carving out a career in this weird world. She is willing to try everything!

The Wheel of Fortune has begun! It continues the story of Judgment Day, the first tale in the Doomsday Trilogy, and is about mean gods, aliens, abductions and space travelling.

The Master of Colors is the first book in the Miranda serial. Two little guys decide to go on a quest to earn wisdom, and maybe something else.

In the winter tales (Menu at the bottom) The Little Soldier story is ongoing, but I´ve had some issues with the last pages. Sorry about that, will do something soon!

I will try to publish stuff on my comics once a week, around Thursday-Friday.

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The Knights of Dor, fantasy, 7 albums

Felina, funny-animal, several stories

Miranda, fantasy, ongoing serial

About me

My comic stories have been published in newspapers, magazines and books in Norway.

There are three long serials made over a lenghty span of time:

The 7 tales about The Knights of Dor came out in 1992-2000 as soft cover magazines on Bladkompaniet AS.

Later, the Knights were collected in two books, titled as The Wizard Emperor 1 and 2  at Vigmostad & Bjørke Forlag.

Felina the cat began her life in a Children´s magazine, Norsk Barneblad, in 1993, and later in several newspapers. Adresseavisen in Trondheim wanted longer stories.

These stories were published as books on Inkalill Forlag in 2011 , 2013 and 2017.

The Miranda books are my latest creation. The first book, The Master of Colors, came out in 2003 on Westwind Forlag.

So far are 11 books out, and I am working on the 12th. It will conclude the story about Miranda, the wizard´s daughter, and her quest to bring freedom and a good life for all the people of Mir.

My education: 4 years at the Academy of fine arts in Oslo. Later, in 2013 I completed a master in art criticism and cultural dissemination at NTNU.

As a painting artist, I´ve had little time over the years to make artworks and exhibit them. That will change now, as I am going back to my roots after working with comics in all free time, with deadlines to be met. When I retire this autumn, there will finally be time to do both. ^_^

Regards, Inkalill